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Q. Can I buy multiple tickets?

A. Sure, you can buy as many out of the 500 available as you wish

Q. Do you offer refunds?

A. No, we do not offer refunds

Q. What if I get the question wrong?

A. If you answer the entry question incorrectly you will not be entered into the draw, but you will be charged. We suggest taking your time in answering the question and researching thoroughly. If you do answer the question incorrectly, we will credit your account to the value of the purchased ticket(s)

Q. How long do the competitions last?

A. The competitions will run until all 500 tickets have been purchased

Q. What happens if you do not sell all the tickets?

A. If all tickets are not sold within 6 months, depending upon how many tickets have been purchased, we will either make the draw or credit your account to the value of the purchased ticket(s)

Q. How do I use a discount coupon?

A. To use discount voucher codes, just add the code to the voucher box on the checkout page

Q. Can I suggest a prize?

A. Sure, you can suggest prize competitions via the form on our homepage - just click the 'Suggest a prize' link on the bottom menu

Q. Can I return a prize?

A. Unless a prize is faulty it can not be returned

Q. How are winners selected?

A. Winners are selected via our Dream Wheel, Wiggles, which we stream live for all competitions

Q. Can I play outside the UK?

A. Currently no, this is for UK residents only

Q. Who pays for postage/delivery?

A. We’ll pay for postage, however cars & motorbikes must be collected at your local dealership

Q. What dates are available for the luxury holiday competitions?

A. We will contact you to arrange the most convenient date

Q. How do I know how many tickets are remaining/have been purchased?

A. On the homepage, category pages and on the individual competition pages you will see a figure in front of 500 e.g. 250 / 500. This figure indicates how many tickets are remaining

Q. How are the competition ticket numbers chosen?

A. When tickets are purchased you will receive an email confirmation which will include automatically generated random numbers, so if you buy 3 tickets the numbers could be 011, 123, 412 (rather than 456,457,458)

Q. How long will it take to receive my prize?

A. We will endeavour to send you the prize within 7 working days, but no longer than 28 working days