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As the name implies DreamTicket500 offers luxury prize competitions, which have a maximum of 500 tickets for each skill based competition to win incredible dream prizes!.

Because of the limited number of tickets available your chances of winning are very high, cool eh!?

Competition winners are selected via our rather 80’s custom-made prize wheel, called Wiggles (there’s a story behind the name!) and each draw will be streamed live on our website and via our Facebook channel (follow us here), with the help of our beautiful assistant Abbie.

Our luxury prize competitions include:

  • Cars and Motorbikes, including brands such as Mini, Audi, BMW, Suzuki, Yamaha & Ducati
  • Technology, with the latest Smartphones: iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9, Latest Smart TV’s from SONY, SAMSUNG, LG, PANASONIC, Cameras, Drones, Computers, Macs, iPads & Tablets
  • Luxury holidays for romance, adventure or beach life
  • Jewellery from Tiffany, Cartier & BULGARI
  • Fashion such as Gucci bags, Versace shoes or Rolex watches
  • Sports & Fitness equipment such as Snowboards, Skis, Mountain & Road bikes and Gym equipment

I would also welcome you to suggest prizes you’d like to win - You can do so here 

A couple of tips! 

1. You can buy credit for your wallet so that you can enter competitions with just one click and also receive up to 20% FREE additional credit, just create an account and click the wallet on the header.

2. You can also create a free account and share a unique referral code. Every time someone signs up via your link and spends £25 you BOTH receive £10 free credit!

So that’s us in a very small nutshell, if you want to find out more, or have any questions drop us a line at any time.

Thanks again and I wish you the very best of luck in the draws!

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guy ullmann

Guy Ullmann



DreamTicket500 is part of the Ullmatech group of companies, a forward thinking & dynamic company that strives to create new & innovative web and app-based projects.